Music Editing with Cue Sheet and Dubbing Log



1. Provide a brand new temp score by searching music libraries and finding a composer and style that matches the film.

     a. Temp music should not just be from a single composer but ultimatley a single film so the sonic landscape remains consistent.  A bad temp would come from a mix of Hans Zimmer and John Williams scores because their compositional style and overall mix are completely different from eachother. 


2.  When the temp score is approved by the director, creativley implement it to the movie one cue at a time in an A,B,C track format.


3. If the temp score and layout is approved, mirror the Pro Tools session to the cue sheet and dubbing log.

This is a music editing EXERCISE of the objective.  I did not write the music and I do not have the permission to re-post this old, vintage film.  All I did was create a new temp score, dubbing log, and cue sheet for practice and to display my sound editing skills within a real Hollywood style project.